Radiant Light

Light Leader

Throughout the different stages of our lives we are often pressured by our peers to “fit in”.  It seems we spend our whole life worried about what others think about us – we’re consumed with it.  We long for the approval of others.  So much so that we sometimes compromise our values just to fit in with the crowd.  Tragically this could be one of the greatest limiting factors in our life.  Becoming obsessed with […]


Who Do You See


Do you sometimes lack confidence?  You don’t feel like you have what it takes to get through life – much less today.  Well I promise you that our Father Jesus Christ has much more in mind for your life on this Earth than merely existing.  It’s amazing how quickly our adversary gets in our ear to tell us we can’t do something.  He helps us make unfair comparisons which make us feel seriously inadequate.  We […]


Perspective – It Changes Everything


Looking back through life it is truly amazing to think about the things that used to excite us and how those very same things seem so foolish today.  The same television shows or music we used to enjoy as we grew up are now completely unfulfilling and empty.  As a parent, a husband, and a servant of Jesus Christ these things have lost their luster – they no longer have any value.  It’s not that […]


It’s Not You – It’s Him


Having four children a common saying in our home is – “It’s not about you” (this especially holds true having three daughters).  This attitude is not unique.  It is a common theme which permeates through our culture today.  In the world we are taught from our youth that 2nd place is the 1st place loser.  We must outwit and out play everyone all the time to get a leg up because we have to be […]


What Are You Waiting For – Go!!


It is truly amazing to see how our great God uses people from every walk of life to help glorify his name.  He uses his children in so many different ways.  The incredible thing is that right now as children of God we all have a gift.  We do not have to wait for a burning bush to tell us to act.  Each one of us has a purpose – something significant to offer.  Yet […]


What’s In A Name


It has been said a person’s life is represented by a dash on their tombstone.  Between a birth date and day of death we see a simple dash.  Well I’m thankful that while we are living we have an opportunity to be remembered for so much more than this.  Throughout our life we should put great value in what we are known for.  Not to gain the favor of men, but to honor our Lord […]


Grace Sufficient

Sun Rise

Lately I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time reflecting on the goodness of God in my life.  Sometimes as we get pulled into the grind of daily living we lose sight of the many blessings each of us have been given.  Instead we tend to focus on how bad things are.  I know some of us are going through difficult situations.  Whatever it is we have all said at one time or another “why […]


What’s In Your Diet?


Ever feel completely alone and unfulfilled?  Feel like nothing you do has any real meaning?  You can’t seem to fill the void in your life.  You can’t find peace or rest.  Many of us are on a lifelong search – a search for something that fills the emptiness inside.  We often look to the things of this world to find it.  We seek everything, every relationship, every experience in this world but I promise you […]


The Good Life

One Hand Full

How many of us are completely satisfied with our lives?  I mean who doesn’t want “a better life”?  A life the world tells us will make us TOTALLY happy – a life where we can finally fill the emptiness. Tragically a lot of good people have gotten caught up in this trap.  So many people are settling for the “good life” when God has something incredibly better.  Today the norm is to be stressed out […]


Remain In The Vine


It may be impossible to fully appreciate the value of the right relationships in our lives.  Having the right relationships can propel you in the right direction while the wrong relationships can take you down the wrong path.  It is difficult to do all God wants you to do without surrounding yourself with the right people.   People who will encourage you to do good works and to love one another as Christ loved us. One […]