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Who Do You See

Do you sometimes lack confidence?  You don’t feel like you have what it takes to get through life – much less today.  Well I promise you that our Father Jesus Christ has much more in mind for your life on this Earth than merely existing.  It’s amazing how quickly our adversary gets in our ear to tell us we can’t do something.  He helps us make unfair comparisons which make us feel seriously inadequate.  We […]


What’s In A Name

It has been said a person’s life is represented by a dash on their tombstone.  Between a birth date and day of death we see a simple dash.  Well I’m thankful that while we are living we have an opportunity to be remembered for so much more than this.  Throughout our life we should put great value in what we are known for.  Not to gain the favor of men, but to honor our Lord […]


All The World’s A Stage

Most of my adult life I’ve heard the line – all the world’s a stage.  Until recently I have honestly never really stopped to consider what it means.  To me it has always been some Shakespeare line dealing with the theater which didn’t apply to my life.  Then one day I realized I needed to get over myself and focus on something much bigger than me.  Remember we are not here to serve our self, […]


We Win

News bulletin… In this world we shall have tribulation.  Some of us have faced incredible HUGE trials in this life.  As we get older and collect the scars of life our worries increase.  Sometimes there is just too much, life happens too fast.  There are obstacles or people that seem impossible to overcome.  Financial hardships, temptations, depression, fear of failure, all these things are overwhelming.  We get paralyzed with anxiety and feel so inadequate.  I’ve […]


Why Are We Here???

For most of my life I have been blessed to regularly attend a church, but it hasn’t been until recently that I REALLY started attending church.  If you are like me I was just going through the motions.  I was taking my church for granted wandering through life trying different things to find complete unfeigned joy.  Sure I have a great family life.  My wonderful wife Kerry and three beautiful kids, but any joy I […]