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Bitter Is The Root

Forgiveness is a subject commonly talked about today.   I often ask myself why it is so commonly discussed.  Are we really that mean to each other that we need to be taught this lesson over and over?  The answer is – Yes.  We are sinners that make mistakes every day.  These transgressions sometimes cause great hurt to others and hence the need to forgive.  For me personally, it is much more difficult to forgive a […]


Just Believe

I have a confession to make.  Often my faith grows weak and sometimes disappears completely.  How many of us have experienced this.  Right when things seem to be going our way and getting better something goes wrong and everything seems to fall apart.  As we go through life our faith continually gets challenged.  When we see a young child dying of cancer, when a father loses his job or when your church is divided and loved ones decide […]


Our Potter’s Hands

We’ve all faced bitter disappointment in life.  Sometimes the storms are so great we struggle to make it through the day, but one of the best things about bad days is that they end.  When I was a young boy my grandfather gave me a birthday card with a ship in the midst of a storm on the cover.  In the card he guaranteed me the storms of life would come – he was right.   […]