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I have a confession to make.  Often my faith grows weak and sometimes disappears completely.  How many of us have experienced this.  Right when things seem to be going our way and getting better something goes wrong and everything seems to fall apart.  As we go through life our faith continually gets challenged.  When we see a young child dying of cancer, when a father loses his job or when your church is divided and loved ones decide to leave.  Whatever your personal experience is your faith is routinely tested.  We get discouraged – why isn’t the Lord listening?  Why isn’t He answering our prayers?  How can He let this happen? 

Looking at examples of incredible faith one of my favorite stories is where a ruler of the synagogue named Jairus sought Jesus to heal his daughter.  Is there a greater need we can possibly face on this Earth?  His daughter was sick to the point of death. 

Jesus agreed to go and lay hands on his daughter to heal her.  Prayers are answered right.  Jairus is on cloud nine; his faith is strengthened because Jesus is going to save his daughter.  However, as they are on their way this woman cuts in front of them.  I’ll admit it if this was me I would probably lose my religion here.  This women who had been sick for years and had spent all she had on doctors was healed just by touching the garments of Jesus.  (BTW – God can do more in an instant than we can in an entire lifetime).  The only problem was while they were stopped someone came to tell Jairus his daughter had died. 

Mark 5:35

 35 While he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogue’s house certain which said, Thy daughter is dead: why troublest thou the Master any further?

What a tremendous let down for Jairus.  His daughter was sick.  He sought Jesus and Jesus agreed to save her.  Jairus thought his miracle was going to happen then BAM things actually got much worse.  His daughter is dead and his faith is tested. 

How many of us have gotten our hopes up.  We’ve asked God to do some things in our lives and believed God could do it.  Then as soon as things are looking up something brings us down.  Have you ever gotten to the place in your relationship with God where you ask why even bother?  Who hasn’t said this at one time in their Christian walk?  Lord, I’m the only one who diligently serves the church.  Why should I bother no one else cares.  Lord, I’ve been praying to get a job for several months, and I still don’t have one.  Why bother praying?  My child is sick.  I’ve been praying but he’s not getting better.  We’ve been trying to have a baby for so long but our prayers are not being answered – why bother. 

Thankfully with God all things are possible.  Jesus ignored their words and answered them with power.  He said be not afraid, only believe.  Here is the INCREDIBLE part, Jairus responded to this tremendous adversity not by giving up when things got difficult.  He did not lose faith when it seemed his prayers were not going to be answered.  No, instead he continued to follow Jesus.  Seems simple, but I know it is difficult.  We all have real disappointments in life.  Our hopes get crushed.  Sometimes our prayers seem to fall on death ears, but we can’t give up.  The Lord will deliver us in our time of need.   

Hebrews 4:16

16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

This same Jesus is just as capable today.  Even when it seems like there is no hope or we get discouraged God can help us overcome.  We have to keep our eyes on the promises of God.  Let’s continue to follow Jesus and believe God for the impossible.

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You know some stories are fiction. Some would say my life is a fairy tale, but it is real. My Lord and Savior has blessed me beyond measure with an amazing wife (she is my best friend), four beautiful children and an incredible church family.

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