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Radiant Light

Throughout the different stages of our lives we are often pressured by our peers to “fit in”.  It seems we spend our whole life worried about what others think about us – we’re consumed with it.  We long for the approval of others.  So much so that we sometimes compromise our values just to fit in with the crowd.  Tragically this could be one of the greatest limiting factors in our life.  Becoming obsessed with […]


The Good Life

How many of us are completely satisfied with our lives?  I mean who doesn’t want “a better life”?  A life the world tells us will make us TOTALLY happy – a life where we can finally fill the emptiness. Tragically a lot of good people have gotten caught up in this trap.  So many people are settling for the “good life” when God has something incredibly better.  Today the norm is to be stressed out […]