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It’s Not You – It’s Him

Having four children a common saying in our home is – “It’s not about you” (this especially holds true having three daughters).  This attitude is not unique.  It is a common theme which permeates through our culture today.  In the world we are taught from our youth that 2nd place is the 1st place loser.  We must outwit and out play everyone all the time to get a leg up because we have to be […]


Remain In The Vine

It may be impossible to fully appreciate the value of the right relationships in our lives.  Having the right relationships can propel you in the right direction while the wrong relationships can take you down the wrong path.  It is difficult to do all God wants you to do without surrounding yourself with the right people.   People who will encourage you to do good works and to love one another as Christ loved us. One […]


We Win

News bulletin… In this world we shall have tribulation.  Some of us have faced incredible HUGE trials in this life.  As we get older and collect the scars of life our worries increase.  Sometimes there is just too much, life happens too fast.  There are obstacles or people that seem impossible to overcome.  Financial hardships, temptations, depression, fear of failure, all these things are overwhelming.  We get paralyzed with anxiety and feel so inadequate.  I’ve […]