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It’s Not You – It’s Him

Having four children a common saying in our home is – “It’s not about you” (this especially holds true having three daughters).  This attitude is not unique.  It is a common theme which permeates through our culture today.  In the world we are taught from our youth that 2nd place is the 1st place loser.  We must outwit and out play everyone all the time to get a leg up because we have to be […]


Narrow Is The Way

How many of us have spent a large part of our lives trying to be like everyone else.  From an early age we are pressured by society to fit into the social norm.  I mean who wants to be the weird kid right??  This mentality sometimes stays with us into our adult lives.  A lot of us are still trying to be like everyone else.  We wear the same clothes, go to the same places […]


All The World’s A Stage

Most of my adult life I’ve heard the line – all the world’s a stage.  Until recently I have honestly never really stopped to consider what it means.  To me it has always been some Shakespeare line dealing with the theater which didn’t apply to my life.  Then one day I realized I needed to get over myself and focus on something much bigger than me.  Remember we are not here to serve our self, […]


Into The Lion’s Den!!

 OK, so what does fear mean to you.  I know it is different things to different people, but we all seem to recognize fear when we feel it.  Breaking it down there seems to be a few basic types of fear.   Whether it is the fear of loss, the fear of being rejected or the fear of losing control, some of us are living in constant fear.  For me personally, one of my […]