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What Are You Waiting For – Go!!

It is truly amazing to see how our great God uses people from every walk of life to help glorify his name.  He uses his children in so many different ways.  The incredible thing is that right now as children of God we all have a gift.  We do not have to wait for a burning bush to tell us to act.  Each one of us has a purpose – something significant to offer.  Yet […]


Spilt Milk

They say your past helps shape who you are today.  While I agree we should learn from our mistakes, we should also not allow our past to take away our ability to enjoy the blessings we have today.  Some of us are continually burdened down with the weight of our past mistakes.  We sometimes have a difficult time forgiving ourselves even though God has forgiven us and released us from this bondage. All of us, […]


Our Potter’s Hands

We’ve all faced bitter disappointment in life.  Sometimes the storms are so great we struggle to make it through the day, but one of the best things about bad days is that they end.  When I was a young boy my grandfather gave me a birthday card with a ship in the midst of a storm on the cover.  In the card he guaranteed me the storms of life would come – he was right.   […]


We Win

News bulletin… In this world we shall have tribulation.  Some of us have faced incredible HUGE trials in this life.  As we get older and collect the scars of life our worries increase.  Sometimes there is just too much, life happens too fast.  There are obstacles or people that seem impossible to overcome.  Financial hardships, temptations, depression, fear of failure, all these things are overwhelming.  We get paralyzed with anxiety and feel so inadequate.  I’ve […]