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Grace Sufficient

Lately I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time reflecting on the goodness of God in my life.  Sometimes as we get pulled into the grind of daily living we lose sight of the many blessings each of us have been given.  Instead we tend to focus on how bad things are.  I know some of us are going through difficult situations.  Whatever it is we have all said at one time or another “why […]


What’s In Your Diet?

Ever feel completely alone and unfulfilled?  Feel like nothing you do has any real meaning?  You can’t seem to fill the void in your life.  You can’t find peace or rest.  Many of us are on a lifelong search – a search for something that fills the emptiness inside.  We often look to the things of this world to find it.  We seek everything, every relationship, every experience in this world but I promise you […]


Into The Lion’s Den!!

 OK, so what does fear mean to you.  I know it is different things to different people, but we all seem to recognize fear when we feel it.  Breaking it down there seems to be a few basic types of fear.   Whether it is the fear of loss, the fear of being rejected or the fear of losing control, some of us are living in constant fear.  For me personally, one of my […]